Epiphone Inspired By John Lennon Casino

The John Lennon Casino has been a famous guitar among fans throughout the years, either being a collector's item or for those who love the sound of it! Today, Epiphone designed the Inspired By John Lennon Casino, which has the feel, the look and the tone of the Epiphone acclaimed USA John Lennon signature Casino, at a way more affordable price!

Epiphone Inspired By John Lennon Casino

Construction: 24.75" Set-neck
Body Top: Laminated Maple
Back and Sides: Laminated Maple with Reinforced Hand-Scalloped Bracing
Neck: Mahogany
Contour: SlimTaper
Fretboard: Rosewood
Fret: 22 Medium Jumbo
Inlays: Pearloid Parallelogram
Bridge Pickup: Gibson USA P-90T
Neck Pickup: Gibson USA P-90R
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic
Tailpiece: Trapezoid Tailpiece
Epiphone Archtop Hardcase Included

John Lennon, well known being the founder and song-writer of The Beatles, inspired this Casino design. With some modification from the original Epiphone Casino during the era, to achieve the feel and tone of his own!

Laminated Maple (top, back and sides) with a hollow body, the similiar specification guitar that John Lennon used during the recording of Revolver in 1966!

Trapezoid Tailpiece like the original Casino design, to hold the strings!
4 knobs configuration, where 2 tones and volumes controlling each pickup!

The heart of the guitar's tone, the Gibson USA P-90 pickups!
Beloved by rock and roll players for years, as the pickups give a meaty, slightly gritty tone and aggresive, mid-forward performance!

Binding on top and back of the guitar body, as well as throughout the neck, keeping the original John Lennon's Casino touch!

Simply loving it!
Built for the fans, and for the fans to play along with The Beatles track!

Traditional Epiphone headstock design, with the Epiphone Logo

Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard to bring out the warm tone of the guitar!

Neck joint on the 16th fret for superior resonance and sustain!

Inspired by John Lennon signature stamp at the back of the headstock, giving more value to the guitar being of masterpiece!
Grover machineheads to keep the strings in tune!

Set-neck construction for better sustain and warmer tone

The Epiphone Inspired By John Lennon Casino comes with the Epiphone Archtop hardcase, so no worries in keeping your guitar safe!

Exact fitting size for the guitar, to make sure the guitar is always safe inside!

The guitar built for The Beatles fan, with exact specifications to give the closest tone, feel and look of John Lennon's Casino.


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