Music Man Majesty Artic Dream John Petrucci

The guitar God, the man behind all amazing lead works in Dream Theater, the all fast shred machine, the accuracy, the tightness! Yes, none other than Mr John Petrucci! He has been one of the greatest guitar player of all time, with technical licks and melodic riffs

The Music Man Majesty is one of his design, teaming up with Ernie Ball

This ain't any ordinary guitar. There are more than meets the eye. Equipped with his signature DiMarzio humbuckers and Piezo system

Smooth neck for speed playing.
Owning this axe will increase all of a player stats by +100! (Agility, Luck, Atk, Def, you name it)

The mark of Petrucci

What's more? This guitar is light compare to most of the guitars out there! You won't get exhausted or shoulder ache after a long hours show. Great move there by Petrucci

And this axe will of cause be getting 10/10 ratings, including the amazing ARTIC DREAM finishing