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Monday, April 17, 2017

ESP SV - Enter The Metal

One of the most renowned guitar in the metal scene. Similar to the Jackson Rhoads shape, with slightly larger horns.


  1. taken from the personal vault/collection, i presume...

  2. Wait! Have you used the word "Infamous" about the Jackson Rhoads Guitar? This is one of the most knows design and I think this is one of the best and brilliant design or shape that I have ever watched. Any the guitar that you have launched this also magnificent looking and I have already told you that I have a weak point on this shape of the guitar.
    But may this is sad news for me that I am not able to get this one because I am not professional. I am a beginner level Guitarist and may be electric guitar is not for the beginner.
    Can you tell me what I should do in this case?

  3. Continue the good work; keep posting more n more n more.



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