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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ibanez GRG250P

Super strat with humbucker - single - humbucker configurations, 24 frets, fast neck, double locking tremolo bridge

This intermediate guitar is suitable for players who loves to shred

Ibanez GRG250P White

Equipped with Ibanez EDGE 3 tremolo bridge for maximum dive bombs and pull off performance. Music style? Cover from all range, as long as you have the right amp settings. Clean, Rock, Country, Metal, Jazz, and the list goes on~

Play on the bridge pickup when you're doing some metal riffs. Swap it to the neck for sweet solos and leads, or even nice clean rythm. The single coil middle will give you the sharper tone for clean and strumming


  1. How much? Can email me? fakrulsani_mu@gmail.com

  2. U got the price emailed bro :D

  3. U got the price emailed bro :D


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