Kiko Loureiro Ibanez Guitar Clinic in Malaysia 2014

Lead guitarist of heavy metal band ANGRA, Kiko Loureiro, performing with his new Ibanez Signature Guitar KIKO100

With Question & Answer sessions from fans, on his new signature guitar, his playing techniques and to master shredding skills

Showcasing his technical skills from various music genre, including jazz, bossa nova, neo-classical, metal

Check out the video on his live performance, enjoy!

Jam session with Malaysia Ibanez Endorsee, Rithan of DEJA VOODOO SPELLS
Rithan uses the IBANEZ RGIR28FE 8 strings Iron Label


  1. did he still endorse laney? or have to use rectifier since organizer bla bla bla u know what i mean...

  2. its an Ibanez clinic, so amp isnt important. whatever the organizer supply. As for now, he is still endorsed by LANEY

  3. i thought he switched camp... btw, check-out rithan's amp


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