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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fender Mustang II 40 watts Amp

Home practice 40 watts amp, the Fender Mustang II packs all a player needs, with wide range of tones and effects, as well as home recording with direct USB

Fender Mustang II

- 40 watts
- 12" Fender Speaker
- 24 Presets
- 17 High Quality Amp Modellings
- USB Connectivity
- Wide range of effects (Delay, Reverb,etc...)
- Recording direct to PC using USB

- Treble, Bass, Gain controls
- Built-in Tuner

EQ settings of Treble and Bass control, as well as GAIN knob for amount of distortion needed

Simple onboard configuration to get required tones

24 Presets, differ by the lights color


  1. a LINE-OUT would be a good feature for this amp (or any other small amps)

    btw, nice box~

  2. yeah, at least u can use it with cabinets :D

  3. Hi, mail me the price and warranty period. Thanks. ceghiamin@gmail.com

  4. U got the price emailed bro! :D


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