BOSS eBand JS-10 Audio Player Amplifier

Compact and easy to jam with all your favourite music. Fills the room with full range from its 2.1 sound system and pro BOSS effects!

BOSS eBand JS-10

- 2.1 channel sound system
- For Guitar, Bass, Microphone
- 2 Inputs for either Guitar/Bass and Mic with individual controls
- COSM effects of the GT-100
- Build in onboard loops and track
- USB connection and SD Card

Portable device to bring around, impress family and friends with your playing along backing tracks

2 Speakers and 1 Woofer. Player can also record their playings


  1. how much is this bro?

  2. u got the price emailed brp! :D

  3. hi, do you have left-handed guitars? thanks.

  4. Yes I do :D drop me an email on the brand and price range

  5. Kena tunjuk demo baru terangkat. I got one. Nice thick and crunchy sound. Safe for wife and family ears. They wont complaint because you dont need to play it loud like guitar amp. Recommended tools for practicing and learning new licks. Plug and play, off you go!

  6. thanks for the feedbacks bro :D
    i'll get a demo updated on it

  7. How much per unit? pm me the price

  8. How much the price. Plz email me at yezzedman[at]


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