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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Seymour Duncan Black Winter

Newly designed high gain metal pickup, the BLACK WINTER! Offering cutting solos with crushing distortion and lots of aggressive saturation

Seymour Duncan Black Winter

- High Output pickup
- Bridge and Neck pickup
- Pro Shop design
- Crushing Distortion
- Custom Seymour Duncan wording
- Shown in SET
- Coil split 4 conductors wiring

Fills the need of Extreme Metal Guitarist. High gain passive pickups with more punch

Made in USA Seymour Duncan pickups. 4 conductor wiring for split coil options

Shown in set of Bridge and Neck pickup


  1. pm me best price bro!

  2. kindly email me the price, sir.
    thank you.


  3. ijau: one day, it is indeed very nice pickup (for metal)

    metal brain: u got the price emailed! :D

  4. May i know the price? blurmargera@yahoo.com

  5. U got the price emailed bro! :D

  6. Can you pm me the price on taz.ferd@gmail.com , please?


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