Tama Iron Cobra HP600D TWB Twin Pedal

The new IRON COBRA series, the HP600D TWB which is cheaper and still with double-chain!

Tama Iron Cobra HP600D TWB

- Double Pedal
- Duo Glide (Power Glide and Rolling Glide switchable)
- Double Chain Drive
- Speedo-Ring
- Spring Tight
- Include HARDCASE

The IRON COBRA name will never fail the drummer, now featured in less expensive with similar features of the HP900 series

Double-chain drive, offering smooth and accurate motion

Speedo-Ring, eliminates friction,  giving a smoother kick

Comfortable pedal step, which offers speed and smooth motion

Comes included with Tama Hardcase, which keeps the pedal perfectly for any gigs

Designed for players who want something more affordable, yet giving a similar drumming feel!


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