BOSS ML-2 Metal Core

Extreme GAIN distortion pedal, one of the heaviest metal pedal by BOSS! Designed to suit any metal genre

BOSS ML-2 Metal Core

- Ultra Heavy Distortion with sharp edge attack
- Low/High EQ settings
- Distortion level control for variation
- 9v power adapter/battery operated
- Bright LED display

Tough design, which allow for heavy duty usage

On stage, jamming, gigs, room practice!

Low/High control to set desired metal tone!

Powered by both 9v power adapter (BOSS PSA-230v) or 9v battery

For players who seek HIGH GAIN distortion, the METAL CORE is highly recommended!


  1. pls email me the price of the this product..and can u email me the price for boss ds 1 and ds 2 if u have it? thx.. my email is


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