Ibanez JEM 70V SFG

The 2012 production, Steve Vai's signature JEM series in the IBANEZ PREMIUM line, the JEM70V which features in Sea Foam Green with Green Vine Of Life inlays! Powered with DiMarzio Evolution Pickups and Original Edge Bridge

Ibanez JEM 70V Sea Foam Green

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on
Body: American Basswood
Neck: 5pc Wizard Maple/Walnut Neck
Fretboard: Rosewood
Frets: 24 Jumbo
Inlays: Vine Of Life
Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio Evolution B
Middle Pickup: DiMarzio Evolution S
Neck Pickup: DiMarzio Evolution N
Bridge: Edge
Extra Features: TITANIUM Reinforcement, Monkey Grip, Lion's Claw
Inlcude IBANEZ PREMIUM Light Case

The addition of the JEM line, now built under the PREMIUM series which are affordable yet high performances!

Featuring the Monkey Grip and Lion's Claw cavity

Equipped with the Original EDGE Bridge which Steve Vai himself prefers. High stability which keeps the guitar in tune. Lion's Claw cavity for easier tremolo usage

1 Volume and 1 Tone with 5 way switch blade

Equipped with DiMarzio Evolution pickups, Steve Vai's signature pickup set on most of his JEM series guitars!

Unlike regular DiMarzio pickups, these are imprinted with DiMarzio logo

Sexy color scheme which will make this guitar special among others!

25.5" Scale Length

Matching headstock finishing with the PREMIUM line

Vine Of Life inlays, trademark of the higher end JEM series guitars!

5pc Wizard Maple/Walnut neck

Ibanez AANJ construction, allowing easier access on the upper frets

Comes with the Ibanez PREMIUM lightcase, which keeps the guitar firm inside

Lighter than normal hardcase, allowing easier portability for gigs or jamming

For players who seek for performance guitar, and of cause fans of Steve Vai, the JEM 70V is one worth guitar to be collected!


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