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Monday, March 12, 2012

Ibanez RGA72T QMZ

One of the few Ibanez that comes with Set-in neck designed, built for shredding purposes! Fall under then RGA series, with Quilted Maple top and EDGE Zero II bridge, this guitar is unlike any other Ibanez!

Ibanez RGA72T QMZ

Construction: 25.5" Set-in neck
Body: Mahogany
Top: Quilted Maple
Neck: 3pc Wizard III Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood
Fret: 24 Jumbo
Inlays: Dot at 12th fret
Bridge Pickup: CAP-LZ20
Neck Pickup: CAP-LZ10
Bridge: Edge Zero II with ZPS3Fe
Finishing: Transparent Gray Burst

The RGA body design, archtop with mahogany body, differentiate from the regular RG design

Equipped with the new Edge Zero II bridge, which keeps the guitar in tune all the time, even if a string snaps! No problem on changing just 1 string's tuning, unlike other floating bridges!

Active pickup with active EQ circuitry, to provide a pure, noise-free tone!

Ibanez CAP active pickups, powered by regular AA batteries!
Aggresive high output pickup, which minimizes noise at high gain! Covering a wide range tone

Beautiful quilted maple top, which not only enhances the look, but adding a brighter tone to the guitar!

25.5" scale length

Regular Ibanez RG headstock
Enhance feature: Matching headstock finishing!

24 Jumbo frets for players who love the feel. No inlays, only at the 12th fret!
Rosewood Fretboard on the 3pc Maple neck

Maple body binding on the sides of the body, giving the guitar a better look!

Painted neck finish to balance the design!

Set-in neck construction, with neck-thru feel!
Giving a very easy access to upper frets! Suit for guitar shredders!

Edge Zero II Bridge with the ZPS3Fe system, which holds the tuning stability

For guitarist who love the Set-in construction design, with deep mahogany tone and stable floating bridge, the RGA72T QMZ has it all!


  1. mahogany body +1
    matching headstock +1
    quilted maple top +1
    set-in neck +1
    body bindings +1
    edgezero2/zps +1
    dot inlay -1
    active CAP pickups -1

  2. i giv inlay +1, better than previous version, and sharktooth wouldnt fit well :D

  3. Ijau: Close to RM2k :D

    sazaly: come come email me :p

    lance: not your type of game, Gibson dude :p

  4. haha, i like ibanez too, gibson more on bluesy, jazz, hard rock sound. ibanez METAL!! haha. i plan on upgrade my ibanez, after got gibson aa haha

  5. haha yeah! everyone loves ibanez, at least started with one :D

  6. yerp! until now i still love my ibanez gio, my first electric guitar! :D

  7. aiyaahh.. the dot inlay... so fail lah... skip ;p

  8. lance: most of guitarist starts their journey with one! :D

    guarocks: hahaha.. S prestige uses this inlay

  9. Hi there~best price for this guitar please! thanks!

  10. send me the price
    and is Jackson Pro Series guitar better than Ibanez Premium series?

  11. sorry, this guitar is sold out and discontinued :(

    it's hard to judge who is better than who, it depends on what a player prefer :D

  12. kalau ada guitar spec macam ni lagi email aku bro..adzharul69@gmail.com

    Also best price for this guitar bro:-

    -Ibanez RG3XXV Candy Apple(Still Available?)
    -Ibanez Ibanez RG2550Z Galaxy White(Still Available?)
    -Ibanez RG3727FZ Prestige
    -Ibanez RG927WZCZ Premium



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