Happy New Year 2012 Shredders!!

Welcome the year 2012 with more exciting events and gears!
Would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been giving me constant support! Enjoy the new year!!

New to the family, Seventy Seven guitars, part of the Deviser company (Headway Guitars, Bacchus....). Japanese made Les Paul guitar, more info at http://www.deviser.co.jp
Now available at DeadEye Guitars!

DeadEye Guitars wishes you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


  1. Woot lovely Les Paul, btw what's the estimate time of my guitar arrival? :D

  2. Haven't got any words yet, today is still a holiday on the supplier's side :D

  3. Does your supplier start working on tomorrow? ;D

  4. yeah guess everyone has resume work :D

  5. seventy seven? o_O how it sound? like tokai or burny?

  6. Well it's different if taken compare with the two. A different approach where those who likes the sound, will love the guitar :D


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