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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ibanez SR305 IPT - 5 Strings SoundGear!

What do you do when your band's guitarist is using a 7 strings guitar?
Pair up with him, with an extra string on your bass!! The Ibanez SR305 features a 5 strings bass with comfortable playing neck!

Ibanez SR305 IPT (Iron Pewter)

Construction: 34" Bolt-on
Body: Agathis
Neck: 5pc SR5 Maple/Rosewood
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Dot
Frets: 24 Medium
Bridge Pickup: EXF-5R
Neck Pickup: EXF-5F
Bridge: B105 (16.5mm string spacing)
Controls: EQB-IIIB Style Sweeper 3-band EQ
Color: Iron Pewter

Like the regular SR series from Ibanez, the SR305 features a slim/light weight body, comfortable playing while pack the tone you need!
No worries on long playing with back ache with heavy weight bass

Ibanez EQB-IIIB Style Sweeper 3-Band EQ
Player can shape the tone, preferable sound and playing style with it!
Player can boost mids for a plucky finger sound, or scoop them for a resonant slap sound!

The Ibanez B105 bridge with 16.5mm string spacing, for comfortable playing and keeps the bass in tune for a long period of time!

Sexy look with the Iron Pewter finishing, unlike regular gloss black!

Ibanez EXF-5 pickups, balanced tone and sound for each strings

34" scale length bass, for those who are comfortable with this

The SoundGear by Ibanez trademark imprinted on the headstock!

24 medium frets on the rosewood fingerboard, with dot inlays

Larger cutaway on the lower horn, allowing better access to top frets!

5pc SR5 Maple/Rosewood neck, slim neck which does not hold you back even it's a 5 strings bass!

Bolt-on construction, sleek design which allow easy access towards the upper frets, with larger cutaway on the lower horn

The EQB-IIIB EQ is powered by a 9v battery
Not to worry as the battery will last quite a long period of time!

Affordable 5 strings bass from the Ibanez, the SR305 is simply good for both home practice and live performances with it's slim design, not to left out looking good!


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    anonymous: u got the price emailed bro! :D

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  4. u got the price emailed there! :D

  5. Can i get the best price for this please =D

  6. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  7. email the price to orbsee86@yahoo.com
    Are the sr305m price the same??
    oh, and i want ur best price for sr300 bass as well.. thanks!

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  9. can u email me the price of this bass bro??tq :)

  10. drop me an email or simply place ur email here so i can get back to u on the price! :D

  11. pm ur best price pls

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