Ibanez GAX010 LTD GSF

"Behold the Law of the Jurassic Period!"
"Here comes a stranger from a strange distant past where the weakest link gets destroyed.
Its voice is so strong, and the scars on its body tell of the intense battles it has seen.
Once you step into the battlefield with this stranger, you will never rest again...
" - quoted from Ibanez.com

The Ibanez 2010 Spring Special introduces you the Ibanez GAX010LTD, a limited series guitar which is designed for the Jurassic Era! One of a kind guitar with dinasaur claws engraved into it.

Ibanez GAX010 LTD GSF

Construction: 24.75" Bolt-on
Body: Agathis
Neck: GAX1 Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22 Medium Frets
Inlays: Red Claw Scars
Bridge Pickup: PSND2 Bridge Pickup
Neck Pickup: PSND1 Neck Pickup
Bridge: Ibanez Fixed Bridge
Finish: Green Shadow Flat with Engraved Claws

One of the best Ibanez GIO, with fine neck and comfortable playability.
The Indonesia made GIO guitar produces great tones for both ryhtm and lead with the Ibanez PSND pickups.

No marking inlays on the fretboard, only a custom Dinasaur Claw Scars on the 12th fret

Special body design, engraved Dinasaur Claws! Not just a painted red mark, you can feel the scars on the body!

A closer look on the guitar body of the Claw Scars.
Comes in Green Shadow Flat finishing, for the green lovers, Ijau D. Koceng, to name a few, who was one of the proud owner of the Ibanez GAX010LTD :p

Limited edition guitar which is only available in limited quantities
For collectors and players as well, a good quality guitar at a low price!


  1. ehem... did someone mentioned my name?
    check out my entry about this beast!

    bro, i think it's not an AANJ la not like those in RG/GRG series coz it's got ibanez engraved plate at the joint

    it's a GIO so don't expect much, but it's way much cooler than other GIOs!

  2. of coz la, "Ijau Signature" guitar what haha..
    oh shit, i forgot already that it isnt AANJ. removed! haha... dont expect much, but i can say it plays very good like the RG series! pickups very good too!

  3. hi Dead Eye, can you email me the price of this guitar? like the design tq

  4. Tolong email bro shafiqmustakim@hotmail.com

  5. got u guys email for the price! :D

  6. i prefer it without the scars

  7. prefer without the scars? get GAX30 instead...

  8. anonymous: preference bro :D it's a limited edition special design

    ijau: haha yeah, but no green. btw i got something new to poison u! green *hint hint*

  9. hi .. i just bought this as my first guitar .. did i do a good thing ? thank you :)

  10. yes it's a good one bro :D
    enjoy ur guitar!!


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