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Friday, March 12, 2010

Epiphone Explorer GT

Introducing the new Epiphone Explorer in line! An affordable explorer where most guitarist can purchase :p

Epiphone Explorer GT

Construction: 24.75" Bolt-on
Body: Mahogany
Neck: Hard Maple
Neck Shape: Slim-Taper
Fingerboard: Rosewood with Pearloid Parallelogram inlays
Frets: 22 Medium Jumbo frets
Bridge Pickup: USA Designed 700T Humbucker
Neck Pickups: USA Designed 650R Humbucker
Bridge: LockTone Tune-o-Matic/Stopbar
Fingerboard Radius: 14"
Nut Width: 1-11/16"
Finishing: Worn Black

The Explorer GT is slightly smaller in size and lighter in weight compare to other Epiphone Explorers, which will also be more comfortable to play with.
Never let the smaller size fool u! The guitar is pack in tone with the mahogany body which you'll expect from any other Explorer

Like the Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 GT, the Explorer GT also comes with the GT KillPot which allows volume kill-off when the button is push down. Good for silencing the guitar when you need to pick up your phone, or while your bandmate is talking to you during jamming session

What's great about these GT series guitars is that having the USA designed Humbucker Pickups. Close to that of the Gibson humbuckers.

Worn Black finishing, giving the heavy music player feel! Best for Metal and Rock

Instead of the classic Explorer headstock, the Explorer GT comes with the Flying V headstock

Pearloid Parallelogram inlays on the rosewood fretboard

Note: The Epiphone Explorer GT comes in an affordable price! :D


  1. Wah, nice dude. Wish I had funds for it. But since Schecter from you on the way. Next time..hehehe, just curious, whats the price for this axe? :P

  2. it's flying-v headstock... explorer headstock was like icehockey stick (or like jackson's hehehe)

    dude, put in some vintage 57 explorer or goth explorer (epiphone version not gibson eh) and surely u'll rattle my wallet >:)

  3. owh, btw... i like the non-glossy finish

  4. jun: haha.. u wanna switch? :p

    ijau: thanks for notifying, i got confused :p i'm gonna rattle ur wallet again soon!

  5. HAHAHAHA, nah..my first 7 string. Have to own one. Any news on it yet?

  6. try to rattle with amps and pedals...

  7. juan: no news on it yet man :(

    ijau: haha.. will do will do :p

  8. okay man, hopefully not too long though.. :\

  9. i'll notify u if anything shows up :D

  10. mr boss , how much its cost...price plzzzz!!! hehe..

  11. yo bro, wuts ur email? i'll email u the price, or u can straight contact me thru my number for pricing :D

  12. believe it or not this thing actually goes for only 200 bones just got one today i cant believe the price for the shred stick this thing rocks

  13. haha glad u got one of this shredding guitar bro! :D

  14. i want one!!!heehehe..just waiting for my budget...

  15. I am going to buy that guitar
    For two hundred it is a steal.
    I like how it has a killPot.

  16. adrienz: haha.. alright bro, anything just let me know! :D

    anonymous: 200 hundred in another currency bro? :D yeah it's a great guitar for that price!

  17. email me the price..tanx~shinoby7@yahoo.com

  18. bro wats ur best price for this??

    serious buyer bro. edgeofdeath_messiah@hotmail.com

  19. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  20. bro, email price for this one..


  21. got u email for the price bro! :D

  22. Simply beautiful. Email me the price. :D


  23. u got the prices emailed bro! :D

  24. please email me the price!!!!!

  25. bro how much for this??....butterscotchmayhem@hotmail.com XD...sory bro..my fren ask me for this one

  26. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  27. Hey bro! How much? syafella@gmail.com...TQ

  28. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  29. Nice guitar bro!! Price pls.TQ faizalss@yahoo.com

  30. u got the price emailed bro! :D


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