Zakk Wylde at Swee Lee Katong Branch 2009

The workshop was great, and it was nice to see Zakk Wylde in person.
He's such a nice and humble guy, without letting any fans down. Cant believe for such a big guy eh? :p

Everything was kinda rush, as we were only informed bout his workshop like a week only. Not much preperation can be made. Sorry for those who cant make it due to the lack of time :(

Anyhow, here are some pictures. Enjoy~

Zakk Wylde signature models were placed up. Yeah, including the new Gibson Zakk Wylde BFG (which only managed to arrive 2 hours before the workshop). And somehow, the Epiphone ZV custom finishing is different from wut is shown from I like this better, the burst tone. Make it looks more expensive :p

The models that i have for the Zakk Wylde Workshop program. Thanks for those who purchased it!!

And a bunch of Gibson Zakk Wylde signature, including Zakk Wylde Camo Les Paul Custom and Zakk Wylde Bullseye Les Paul Custom Shop (one in the world which is signed!)

The wall of ZV Customs and BFGs

The workshop hall. Nice bike :p So i was thinking, Laney amps? I thought there were supposed to be Marshalls

And behold, I present to you, the lead guitarist and vocals for Black Label Society, ZAKK WYLDE! With his prototype Epiphone Graveyard Disciple, dark silver finishing with a cross mark. An awesome guitar! If u noticed, now it's Marshall AVT amp :p

Zakk Wylde and his manager while using his Gibson ZV Custom Buzzsaw

Zakk Wylde and his wife, Barbaranne. Swee Lee staff are busy taking lots of Zakk Wylde guitars to be signed by the man. Well, this is the first time Zakk Wylde hitting Singapore as well as South East Asia :D

The Epiphone ZV Custom. For the person, you know who's guitar this is :p THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!

Zakk Wylde, his wire, his manager and Gibson Singapore representative.

Gibson Zakk Wylde Bullseye Les Paul Customshop. The very one in the world which is signed! Anyone open for the grab? Price is reasonable :p

The very few ZV Custom which is signed on the top. And yes, u know who's guitar is this (again). Enjoy the guitar :p

Fans are now allowed into the hall, and things are going a little wild. Everyone is getting impatient waiting for Wylde to show up.

Gibson ZV Custom Buzzsaw (and Zakk's Signature Bike)

As Wylde enters the workshop, the crowd begins to go wild!

A little drink before the show begin. Need some boost perhaps

And now the music begin, where Wylde starting to shred on the Graveyard Disciple! Man i cant imagine seeing him playing right in front of my eyes! It was so AWESOME!! I bet it goes the same way to u right DEV? :p

A toast to all the fans! Question and Answer session. Many questions were asked, including some weird ones, haha.. There's even one hero shouted, "Stop the Q&A and get on with the shredding!!' Wow, that's wut everyone's been wanting! :p

One of the question was about Dimebag Darrell. Zakk had a deep thought, and then started telling stories bout it. I'm sure he's sad recalling the memories of his good buddy

A quick shot on the Prototype Epiphone Graveyard Disciple. Man this guitar really kick ass!!

Short break for Zakk before the signing session. There are like more than 200 fans waiting to get his autograph

Pictures of autograph session. Well, lots of weird places to sign. Handphone, wallet, shirt, pants and there goes the list. But still, nobody really did some super crazy stuff yet :p

The Epiphone ZV Custom signed, comes with a purchase certificate signed by Zakk Wylde with the buyer's name imprinted. Ultra RARE!

The Swee Lee Katong Branch Crews who made this event a success, lead by Andy. Great job guys! And they were fast placing up the freshly arrived Gibson Zakk Wylde BFG just less than 2 hours :p

Dinner with Wylde and the crew after everything. The autograph session was a long queue, which dinner turn supper. Zakk's such a nice guy, not turning any fans down and keeping signing as long as the queue hasnt come to an end

Happy Zakk after a great meal :p

And the best FAN award goes to this dude. Dressed up almost to Zakk, a huge Black Label Society fan, with his girlfriend also dressing up the same. Nice work guys!! :p

The HAPPIEST man on earth, with his Greatest Idol, and his ZV Custom! :p

Finally, thanks for everything guys! Thanks for all the support on DeadEye Guitars!!


  1. walauwei! that camo les pauls... (how much for epiphone version? hehehe)

    i wonder, there's no 'deadeye' in the pics?

  2. there's like a lot of fun there. too bad i missed it :(

  3. wah good post good post ...deadeye the next kennysia !

  4. ijau: camo need beratur dulu right? haha.. epiphone version cheap only :p sorry la, deadeye are not in any of those pics

    anonymous: dont worry man, perhaps there are next time :D

    gapnap: long way sumore la mouu to be kennysia :(

  5. haha. zakk eating chinese food.. jumbo summore XD

  6. netto: thanks man! your support has always been much appreciated! :p

    anonymous: he even eat with chopsticks :D

  7. Nice photos Dead Eye :D I love the ones of him eating!! Hahah...I can't believe I was seated NEXT to him while he ate Sweet Sour Pork and Chilli Crab :P

    - Dev

  8. hahaha.. u said u wanted to send me some photos to me, where are they? :p
    btw, how's the epiphone dot pricing to ur fren? is he interested in getting one? :D

  9. dead eyee!!!....ive been looking for this guitars!! u sell them??

  10. drop me an email for the prices :D


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