Zakk Wylde Workshop at Singapore tonight 7pm!

The day has finally come, that you Zakk Wylde fans have been waiting for

For those who got the rvsp admission from Swee Lee Singapore, see ya all there at the workshop!
And for those who got either the 2 packages, see u at Katong Branch by 6pm!

Enjoy yourselves there, and have a great time with Zakk Wylde!
And THANKS for all the support from you guys!!


  1. no wonder u 'senyap' these few days...

  2. Dead eye did a fantastic job in making sure everything went well during the Zakk Wylde event!! He's the man, and I'll definitely be a repeat customer with him. Support him guys, this guy deserves it. Thanks for the ZV SIGNED guitar dude :D

    - Dev

  3. ijau: so you're saying i normally damn bising la? :p

    Dev: haha thanks alot man, and glad u enjoy urself too. i'll send some pics over to u, hope u enjoy it. but wuts ur mail? :p

  4. u've got it all wrong dude, i mean usually u would reply email/sms promptly (or at least after few hours) but these 2-3 days... no reply at all. that's what i mean by 'senyap'

  5. haha. biasa la. dead eye busy with the 'bigger' business lately. my prophecy pon die xreply lg :p

  6. ijau: haha.. yeah sorry bro, but now u got them all responded :p i'll try to be efficient :D

    irfan: eh bro, last night already sms u, didnt i? unless i hit the wrong dude :p

  7. so how many Malaysians attending the package ?

  8. oooh ur in singapore now? Help me check my stuff also!

  9. gapnap: haha not many :(

    nick: no prob man :p


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