Beat The System @ Indie Music One Utama!

So i was there at One Utama, to watch my customer turn friend's gig, Beat The System!

This was some Indie Music event. Well, i dont really know much bout it. Hope you enjoy the pics :D

Took me sometime before i can find this place, as the centre of the One Utama new wing was filled up with Dumex event. And i was thinking to myself, are they going to perform for the kids? Isnt the monster cute? No wonder kids love em!

Finally, the Indie Scene! The first performance which i watch were some acoustic playing. (Well, that's before the rock band came in to ruin the show :p)

Nice singing dude, i enjoy ur music alot, and so does my fren :D

Break for some prize giving. The questionaire were simple, but too bad i didnt even know 1 :(

And then, this was entertaining! He was playing Kim Possible theme song, wow.. and did a great job. But dude, no kids there la, if i havent been turning to Cartoon Network, i wont know what you're playing as well :p

Right after Kim, a tribute to Michael Jackson. You really do know how to pick the right song to perform at the right time.

Suddenly these batch of guys caught my attention. What're they doing? Queeing up for tickets? Or still lining up like we used to do in primary school?

Now this band is interesting. 2 girls band, i think it was The Kites.

Crowds getting more and more when they started playing. The community must be happy to have The Kites around :p

The Les Paul guitarist shred a few secs, and the crowd goes WAHHHHH!! I'm glad that shred still amaze the audience :D

This time for the main event, where i was there for. I bring you, Beat The System! (Wahh... flying bassist!)

The Frontman:

The Guitarist, Stewart:

The Bassist:

The Drummer:

And so the song begin, nu-metal band pawns the entire show.

Mick Thomson in action with his MTM

"Everyone who love this song, raise your FIST!!"

Drummer in action

Mr Bassist

The Guitarist

And finally, vocals. You really pulled a great showmanship there man!

Beat The System

And the last song ends, "Hail to my band!"
Great show guys, hope to see ur band again Stewart!

Ahem, Guitar Hero anyone?


  1. macha..BEAT THE SYSTEM nampak rock saja..haha..i mean it!! they rock..n d guitar hero..hehe..

  2. they really rock the whole stage man! and i bet u'll love the band, they're nu metal playing linkin park kinda stuff, suits u :D
    it's pretty fast for u to drop my a comment here :p

  3. Dude you should've told me the band was Beat The System, I've seen them a couple of times before ler. It's more P.O.D rather than Linkin Park ler my dear.

    Sometimes they play Tamil Metal too. damn ganas!

  4. the vocalist looked constipated.....
    haha the end he standing on the drums..
    the sponsor go, "cibai kanasai...."*slaps forehead*

  5. i saw this band at battle of the bands. great band i would say!

  6. eh..the mtm he got it from you ar???

  7. teko: haha.. i didnt know u know them :p but their show happening la

    joshua: the vocalist is the man la. he get the rock mood over the whole event

    anonymous 1: i've heard the mc saying that :p

    anonymous 2: yeah, he got the mtm from me :D

  8. Looks cool, but if my vocalist ever jumped on my bass drum, I'd slap his face. :P

  9. But Kim Possible is from Disney!

  10. anonymous 1: during live, i tink i dont mind the vocalist doing that. damn rock star wei

    anonymous 2: oh shit, it's been like many years since i watch, so i mixed them up into a single channel :p

  11. the emcee looks like rebecca ..the event is by the star ?

  12. i'm not sure who the mc is, but the event is not by the star
    it's by some magazine company if i'm not mistaken


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