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Friday, July 10, 2009

Setapak Shredders, BEWARE!!

This had happen to one of my fellow guitarist buddy a couple of days ago, before he was comin over for our usual bowling game...

from a distance, he was like 'OMG?! is that my car?!' rushed to the scene to see, and yes, it is indeed his car.
well probably his heart dropped down to the ground when he saw this happened, which right after he called up telling no bowling for the day

well, of coz he got robbed too, but not much, a few coins and maybe some ringgit notes. fortunately the radio is still there (well probably the robber isnt some wiring professional, just some dude who was hopin there is a Ibanez RG in the car :p)

little lion doll still there though, but sadly the most precious thing in his life, GSC expired ticket voucher was stolen! why it is so precious? never know, he just mentioned it many times though it is expired

haram glass everywhere. its not the money lost that troubles, but the shattered glass and the problem of finding a nearby repairman who can do the job. fortunately he found a nearby mechanic whom he have to pay for around a 2nd hand DS1 pedal price. haiihh.. sad for u man, but not bad la, still strike alot during bowling at night :p oh oh, not to mention his determination for bowling, the game was still on even this happened

And last, another unlucky victim of the day...

so setapak dudes, beware when u park ur car, especially when u have guitars in it.
this unfortunate incident happens in PV6, so ktar or utar students who live around there, do be careful


  1. deadeye's fancyJuly 10, 2009 at 1:38 AM

    hey dude thank a lot to inform others guitarist!
    luckily that day i hugging my Ibanez RG guitar sleep whole night:p
    i gadai my DS1 pedal to fix my car! since u r my best dude, can offer me cheaper price for new pedal?:p

  2. setapak really dangerous, almost every few days got snatch thief cases

  3. wow, the glass still stick so nice

  4. next time park inside your condo la, why park outside? that is the risk of parking outside

  5. this is dangerous. i live in pv5 bro

  6. bullshit la u hug ur RG sleep, sx got la, haha...
    so setapak guys, beware when u park ur cars

  7. Deadeye's fancyJuly 10, 2009 at 10:30 PM

    no money rent the car park la...
    all money invest to RG ledi =p

  8. u dah kira nasib baik bro. member ku ESP eclipse dia kena sapu dekat asia cafe ss15

  9. gila sial punya orang jahatttt..desperate gila orang2 bodoh ni..pukul gak kang..last rabu my friend's dad got ragut by rempit right after he walked out from cimb..you know how much? 15k beb..shit gila! walaupun bukan bapak aku, aku marah aahhh!!

    -mister sms me price fo SCHECTER TEMPEST CUSTOM, the white one:)


  10. wuuaaahhh... u serious bro? RM15k bole bli gibson dah! that is alot bro. i feel angry to hearing that from u

  11. the robber could have stolen the bear, can sell at pasar malam RM10, hahaha

  12. serious beb..tak paham jugak la why pakcik tu sibuk nk pegang duit banyak tu kat luar kan..bwk briefcase kasi gari la ke apa next time..the pakcik was pretty suspicious with the bank people because no one else knew how much he took out from the bank..duit banyak tu mmg keluar dari counter la kan..bukan atm pun.rempit tu macam tau2 pulak duit pakcik tu banyak..serious shit so damn sakit hati kan..walaupun the victim is not our relatives.ARRGHHH 15K!! berapa bulan punya salary tu?

  13. wow gila. thats hell alot, RM15000! means those dudes were watching him la, probably they were beside him during those transaction at the bank counter. nowadays very dangerous la, must really berjaga-jaga

    and bout ur schecter, i havent got the price yet. i'll sms u once i got the price :D

  14. haram wei . deadeye the new kennysia :P

  15. haram, if wan be next kennysia, must be after your blog first wei :p

  16. inilah akibat nak jimat duit..don wan sewa parking lot inside..hehe..beware la setapak dude

  17. bro, some condos only offer 1 parking per unit. so if the house is occupied by 6 fellars, only 1 car owner can park, the rest will still have to park outside. there risk is always there

  18. dont la so cruel nettoboy, pity our fren there. RM130 gone just like dat
    thats the prob, limited parking space, but wut to do


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